Exhibitor F.A.Q.

Q. How do I get to the What Women Want Expo?

A. Click here to see a map to the Dixie Center in Saint George Utah.

Q. Where do I get my Exhibitor Badges?

A. Your Exhibitor Badges will be available when you check in at the Expo at the info booth inside the exhibit hall. Each exhibitor will be provided badges as needed for booth workers.

Q. When can I set up my booth?

A. Set-up hours for vendors are from 12pm to 7pm, the day before the event opens. Move-in also opens at 7am - 9:30am on Friday before the expo begins.  Please be completely set up by 9:30am for the cleanup of aisle-ways. The Dixie Center only has 4 move-in carts. If you have one, please bring it. Loading and unloading will be at the rear of the Dixie Center . NO PARKING WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE LOADING AREA. This is a courtesy to other exhibitors. Please understand that Dixie Center staff will strictly enforce this rule.

Q. How do I get power, internet, extra tables/chairs/carpet/etc., at my booth?

A. You will receive a packet of information from the Dixie Center. Also they have agreed to let you bring your own extra tables and furnishings for your booth. This is a generous concession to local businesses!

Q. When is my payment due?

A. $150 Deposit to secure a booth is due when you register and is non-refundable. Balance is due 3 weeks prior to the expo. You will receive info about this once you're registered with your deposit.

Q. May I have free tickets to the expo?

A. Upon request, you may pick up 6 tickets to pass out to your clients, friends, neighbors and family. We will send you marketing info so you can host contests on your social media sites, etc.  Tickets are $5.00 per day if purchased.  12 & under are free. 

Q. What What Women Want Expo Tabloid Ad sizes are available?

A. QUARTER PAGE - 5" square w/color is $75. HALF PAGE - 5" x 10" vertical or 10" x 5" vertical ad w/color is $150.

Please see all tabloid info on our Registration > Tabloid section of this website.

Q. How may I participate in the hourly prize drawings?

A. We encourage vendors to participate in hourly prize drawing giveaways.  This allows us to announce your booth, prize and drive traffic to your booth during the expo.  We will have forms to fill out and more info when you check in to set-up at our info booth.

Q. Are there restrictions on what I can have in my booth?

A. You can only have items in your booth that you disclosed in your application/contract. Also, please be respectful of other exhibitors by not distracting from their booths with excessive music, noise, or raucous games. Your booth cannot extend into the aisle. If you have a game that is excessively distracting to neighboring booths, you will be asked to shut it down. For each helium balloon that escapes into the rafters of the Dixie Center , the Dixie Center staff will charge $100 per balloon to retrieve it.

Q. What about security?

A. Please be aware that there is no paid security available. Neither the Dixie Center nor the What Women Want Expo will be responsible for lost or stolen articles. Be prepared to take whatever precautions you need to secure valuable equipment or merchandise such as putting VCR's, and electronic equipment under your tables in the evening.

Q. Can I sell items at my booth?

A. We strongly encourage you to be prepared to sell from the floor if your products or services are conducive to it. You are permitted to sell from the Expo floor if you comply with the licensing requirements by the Utah State Tax Commission . Exhibitors wishing to sell at the Expo will need to collect sales tax and mail to the Utah State Tax Commission.

Q. What food is available at the expo?

A. We do a food buyout with the Dixie Center . You can bring in drinks if you choose. During the expo there will be plenty of food to buy from a number of different vendors. We encourage you to support our food vendors at the show! They are fantastic!

Q. When do I have to move out of my booth?

A. All exhibits must be staffed and remain intact until the Expo is closed to the public. Please recognize how unprofessional the Expo will appear if exhibitors are breaking down early, leaving empty spaces on the floor. Exhibitors who break down early will not be invited back to the show next year. Move out takes place on Saturday from 6-8pm. Rules for move-in also apply to move-out.

Please refer to the registration page of this website for more info.